“Panic Buying” returns after winter storm rocks parts of the nation

The extreme weather and rolling blackouts in Texas have led to “panic buying”.

The ag industry is working to fill grocery store shelves, which look as bare as the early days of the pandemic.

There is a whole lot of nothing on supermarket shelves in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. It is a concern for one shopper who says that he is worried about those who really need food.

There is a reason those who are trying to keep their shelves stocked are finding out the shelves are not stocked at the supermarket. People are buying too much to stock up during these difficult times.

According to Dale Murden of Texas Citrus Mutual, “You got a supply chain issue right now with ice and snow and bad conditions around the state. There’s not a food supply shortage, there’s a supply chain movement issues right now with bad weather conditions, lack of truck drivers...”

He says that there will be a supply issue of sorts for Texas citrus. The crop will not be there because it has largely been destroyed by this freeze.

“I mean if you’re looking for Texas fruit, it’s certainly going to hurt the consumer for a couple of years,” Murden states. “You know, other citrus industries around the world obviously are probably still in production, don’t have any issues. I mean citrus as a product will still be there, some good Texas grapefruit and oranges won’t be for a little bit.”

It will simply be a tough time for those who love Texas citrus.

“You know our grapefruit is a deep red variety. It’s known for its sweeter flavor,” he adds. “Our conditions are ripe for higher Brix levels; consumers seem to prefer it.”

He says that Texas citrus will be missed because it is just a better tasting fruit.