Pennsylvania couple finds more than 20,000 bees living in their walls


Last week, Andrea and Justin Isabell found quite the surprise in the Pennsylvania home they have been living in for five years; a colony of 20,000 to 30,000 bees.

“We’ve never heard any buzzing or anything,” Andrea told CNN. “When we saw the stream coming down the wall, we just kind of worked our way up.”

After receiving heavy rain on Friday, the couple noticed liquid coming down the wall on Saturday morning. That liquid turned out to be fresh honey.

In a video shared to Facebook, Justin shows himself carefully licking the wall to confirm that it is in fact honey.

A local contractor and beekeeper estimated the damage to the home would cost about $3,000. Andrea said she’s just thankful everyone was safe.

“Right now, I feel mostly safe because the bees haven’t gained access inside so they’re just doing their thing and they’re high up on the roof,” she told CNN. “No one has been stung, so I guess that’s why I feel confident and calm.”