Perdue Looks to Secure Food Supply Chain

RFD-TV’s Corryn La Rue reports that the USDA is doing everything they can to help keep the supply chain stable.

Experts say that some producers may have to deal with excess livestock, as the links in the chain twist. According to Secretary Perdue, “It’s like a crash on interstate highways where everything gets backed up, but we’ve been active in trying to reallocate and realign the supply and demand with the needed demand here across the country.”

The USDA is working closely with lawmakers to help producers get the help they need to keep the industry going and food on the shelves. Secretary Perdue stated, “USDA is working as quickly as possible to bring help to those producers who have been devastated... We’ve got a lot of steps to do to implements programs, we have to write rules, they have to be detailed, see that they’re transparent and fairly implemented... we’re doing that as we speak.”