Perdue: Trade deals a “highlight” for his time in office

Secretary of Ag, Sonny Perdue says the China Deal and USMCA are a big highlight for his time in office.

Well as a farmer, you know you like to plant, fertilize, but harvest has to be every farmers best time when you have a good crop seeing that corn or beans going into the combine, and I see this as the harvest of 2 years of work. The president put in a lot of work and put his reputation on the line. I’m really proud of our ag community for trusting him, it was tough, there was a lot of financial anxiety. There were a lot of nay sayers out there, there still are, asking where’s the proof. And we’ll see the proof. Obviously when orders come in, but a 40-50 billion dollar deal with enforceability. I look at this like the harvest, and I love the harvest time.

40 to 50 billion is a lot of money, but sometimes it’s hard to comprehend just how much of a difference it could make. Secretary Perude gave the crowd a different perspective on it.

Well just look at the numbers... 40-50B... everyone understand.. if you made 200 bushels last year,... and you make 400 this year, that’s pretty good corn right? We’re talking about doubling the ag imports to China throughout the whoel ag sector, across the board with enforcability measures. USDA will have a tracking mechanism to show the president on a weekly monthly basis to meet those goals.

Once Phase 1 is implemented, the two nations are expected to start negotiations on a Phase 2 deal.