Policy makers are concerned over EPA banning 11 rodenticides

Getting caught up in a rat race over rodenticides.

On a call with reporters earlier today, Senator Chuck Grassley shared his growing concern over proposed bans from the EPA on eleven different chemicals.

“Having rodents on the farm is a nuisance that has to be dealt with, yet we have this crazy Environmental Protection Agency. They’re trying to make it harder for farmers and ranchers to get rid of these awful pests. The agency proposed, can you believe this, restrictions for 11 rodenticides which will only tie the farmers’ hands in red tape and drive up costs. Now, this seems to me that Washington bureaucrats with rodent interests have their paws in the Biden’s EPA business,” Sen. Grassley explains.

He shared that he is not the only on raising concerns over the proposals. The USDA’s Office of Pest Management has also submitted a detailed letter to the EPA sharing their perspective on how these potential changes would negatively impact those involved in ag.