Pork Problems and Causing Chaos: Sen. Chuck Grassley addresses the impact of Prop-12 and Question 3

Sen. Chuck Grassley recently mentioned the impact of California’s Prop-12 which aims to restrict the sale of products from animals raised in limited mobility confinement, on Midwest producers.

Despite being upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and in effect for only a few months, Grassley emphasized the toll Prop-12 is taking on the pork industry in the Midwest.

“Just to show you the impact on consumers of Prop-12, pork prices have risen 20 percent since July of last year, 40 percent just on pork loins,” he states.

Grassley also mentioned that Massachusetts also has a similar referendum known as Question 3.
“Massachusetts has such a referendum, called Question 3. Even Secretary Vilsack has said that without Congressional action, these rules will continue to cause chaos in the pork market,” Grassley adds.

Secretary Vilsack criticized the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Prop-12 during a Senate ag hearing last month.

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