Possible Shifts in Consumer Trends

The coronavirus has led many consumers to purchase groceries online and use at-home delivery. Some ag economists believe this will lead to a change to the supermarket blueprint.

According to Jessica Adelman, CEO of ESG Results LLC, “In Q2 alone, this year you’re going to see $100 billion dollars shift back from the restaurants and food service space into that retail grocery space.” Analysts believe this shift will cause supermarkets and grocery stores to focus more on produce, and consumers will stick with online orders for pantry staples.

Some experts predict, consumers will still gravitate to larger retail stores for their needs. Jack Bobo, CEO of Futurity, claims, “Because there is a return to comfort and basics and a recognition that those big brands actually do offer something.”

However, many other experts believe consumers will want to shop locally and get their products from the local farmers. Jayson Lusk, an Economics Professor at Purdue University, states, “I think there is probably, on the part of a lot of consumers, going to be rising interest in local food issues and more direct farm delivery.”