President of Mexico visits President Trump to discuss USMCA

Despite missing one member of the trio, the leaders of the U.S. and Mexico celebrate a newly implemented North American trade deal.

President Lopez Obrador spent most of the day Wednesday at the White House with President Trump. The two touted the recently implemented U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. While USMCA is said to be a big boom for American farmers, ranchers, and all workers, the Mexican President says that it is also a positive for his country too, specifically for labor issues.

“It’s actually the largest trade deal ever made and we made a big one with China too, but this is the largest trade deal ever made,” President Trump said. “Our two governments are also in close cooperation to stop the illicit cross border flow of drugs and guns, cash and contraband, and very importantly stopping human trafficking.”

President Obrador and President Trump signed a joint declaration which they say will strengthen the relationship between the two countries even further.

The Mexican President even touched on the issue of immigration.

“The economic circumstances of both of our nations have promoted, in a very natural manner, a process of migration of Mexican men and women coming here to the United States and here we have been able to create a community of about 38 million people... it is a community of good working people,” President said.

Noticeably missing was the Prime Minister of Canada, but President Trump says that he talked to the Prime Minister and he will come to the White House at a later date for a similar meeting to talk about the importance of the USMCA.