President Trump talks tariffs and ag commodities at CPAC conference

President Trump talked about agriculture commodities and trade, in his first speech since leaving the White House.

He spoke to a crowd at the annual CPAC conference on Sunday. Trump said that before his administration, China never gave the U.S. a dime but they took hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. every year.

He said that tariffs he imposed made American competitive again.

“Once COVID happened I no longer cared so much about the trade deal because what happened with that was just disgraceful, but that’s one of the things, that’s one of the reasons that right now our farmers are doing so good,” he stated. “I used to tell China, ‘look go out and get a lot of wheat. Get a lot of things... You better go out and do it because this country has not been treated fairly by you for many, many years.’”

Trump said that we need to make sure America dominates the world, not China, and companies that leave America to make their products in the Asian nation should be punished, not rewarded.