Pro Farmer Crop Tour results are in

Scouts find a clearer picture of crop damage in the path of Midwest storms.

Results from the Pro Farmer Crop Tour show that their national average corn yield expectation is 177.5 bushels per acre, with a nationwide harvest of 14.82 billion bushels.

The soybean yield is pegged at 52.5 bushels per acre with a 4.362 billion bushel U.S. harvest.

The state-by-state breakdown shows Iowa at 180 buses per acre and soybeans at 55 per acre. Illinois could have a 205 bushel per acre corn crop with soybeans at 62 bushels per acre. In Nebraska, corn is pegged at 188 bushels per acre and 59 for beans. Minnesota is predicted to hit 199 bushels per acre for corn and 51 for soybeans.

The Indiana corn crop comes in at 186 bushels per acre and 61 for soybeans. Ohio is pegged at 176 bushels of corn per acre and 57 for beans. Finally, they expect South Dakota will see a 164 per acre corn crop and a 51 bushel per acre on soybeans.

Global Commodity Analytics president Mike Zuzolo says that these numbers vary from USDA predictions earlier this month.

“Many times, historically, based on my memory, you get the sense that the crop is not as big as USDA’s August Crop Forecast, but by Friday, the final number Pro Farmer reaches is within a bushel or bushel and a half of USDA’s number. They did not do that,” Zuzolo notes. “We’re talking about a 183+ yield in USDA’s eyes versus a 177.5 yield in Pro Farmer’s eyes, with a lot of weather ahead of us which could potentially take that yield down more...”

That weather being a double whammy of tropical storms Laura and Marco.

According to Pro Farmer senior analyst Jeff Wilson, “Every state that we visited needed some rain, and that situation is potentially going to be alleviated by two tropical storms that are now headed for the Texas Gulf Coast... these storms have a tendency to change course at any time, and today they changed to a more beneficial course that might move them... into the Midwest sometime next week.”