Producers should keep mind these two important FSA deadlines this month

Two important deadlines for farmers are coming up this month.

Friday, July 14th is the deadline for producers to sign up for the Emergency Relief Program Phase Two as well as the Pandemic Assistance Revenue Program.

The acreage reporting deadline is on July 17th. That includes all spring and summer crops including cropland that might have been idle.

FSA officers say there is a lot of detail surrounding these documents and any questions should be asked now.

“There’s a lot of detail in each program that producers need to know about, and the safest way to look at those would be to look at the fact sheets there that are available online or go into your local FSA county office and ask for the fact sheets that describe each one of those programs. It varies from county to county, from state to state, so every producer needs to be on their own and look at those programs,” said Carl Josefy

If producers had any damage to livestock, Josefy says it needs to be documented, preferably with pictures or video. From there, that proof needs to be submitted within a month to your local FSA office.