Profitability and Pride

May 24, 2017

Story provided by Certified Angus Beef

Being rewarded for a job well done is a strong motivator, and in the beef business, it encourages ranchers to set their sights on even higher quality calves.

One California cattleman says there’s both profitability and pride that comes with increased carcass quality. Over the course of three decades, Tom Donati has worked with the American Angus Association to improve the genetics of his herd, which has boosted his own bottom line while making for much happier customers.

“Through raising these Angus cattle to get a high percentage of Certified Angus Beef, we take pride in going to different restaurants or supermarkets to see the acceptance of the CAB, and knowing that Donati Ranch Angus has helped supply that market,” says Donati.

Watch the above video for more details on how ranchers like Donati have partnered with CAB to produce a winning strategy that benefits both cattlemen and consumers.