Prop 12 is “tough to overturn” and will eventually burden consumers, according to a California lawmaker

California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher says Prop 12 will not only hurt farmers but burden the consumers and the food chain.

One of the biggest, and more controversial, changes to the ag industry to start the year is the implementation of California’s Prop 12, which is the new regulations on animal confinement space.

A California Assembly Member says it will take a lot of work to overturn.

“It would have to go back to the voters, so even if we in the legislature did, it would have to go back to the voters. I think it’s definitely worth consideration, something to look at, like ‘hey, can we tweak this in a way?’ or at least ‘reform this in a way that actually is workable.’ I’m tired of our own farmers getting penalized in California, we’ve been fighting back against that. But now when you’re hurting farmers in other states, and at the end of the day, you’re hurting the consumer. I think that’s what we really have to drive home is now we’re hurting consumers and the availability of food at a reasonable price to those consumers. I think really kind of driving home that message and talking to people throughout California, that could have an effect, that we could maybe make change there and create a better policy but it’s a heavy burden,” said James Gallagher.

Gallagher says the U.S. Supreme Court got their ruling wrong by saying it is discrimination against other states.

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