Protect the Harvest celebrates first decade of success


As enters its 10th year as an organization, Protect the Harvest looked back on some of its accomplishments and laid out its plans for the future in a news release.

Protect the Harvest was created in 2011 to preserve American freedom and support farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts and animal owners.

“Since 2011, we have worked tirelessly to educate the public about their rights as animal owners and of the threats posed to them by animal rights and environmental extremist groups. We’ve been dedicated to fulfilling our mission, which is to: Inform. Protect. and Respond,” the organization said.

Here are some of Protect the Harvest’s biggest accomplishments:

Social Media - Millions of people have interacted with Protect the Harvest and shared their comments or questions across several platforms. The organization used social media to engage the public in meaningful ways.

Supreme Court Case Regarding FOIA - Protect The Harvest and nine other organizations used a multi-year effort to prevent the disclosure of confidential commercial information that would have put businesses at a political disadvantage.

“This Supreme Court case had far reaching consequences, especially in regard to animal enterprise. Together, we changed a set of rules that had been in place for 46 years. These groups have two things in common: a desire to interpret the Constitution as written and a dedication to supporting animal industry. We could not have made it happen without banding together,” Protect the Harvest said in a release.

Dassinger Family Ranch in North Dakota - Protect The Harvest helped Gary Dassinger keep his livestock and 40-year horse breeding program. Defeating the Century Code, which was pushed by the Humane Society through back channels.

Exposing Radical Environmental NGOs - The organization brought to light the nefarious tactics and untruthful missions of several anti-agriculture environmental groups.

You can see Protect the Harvest’s full list decade in review here.