Protecting American Ag: Lawmakers seek to push new bill prohibiting land purchases from 4 foreign countries

“The United States can no longer turn a blind eye...”

Federal lawmakers took a major step to block ag land ownership by U.S. adversaries by announcing a bipartisan bill, ‘Protecting America’s Agricultural Land From Foreign Harm’ Act.

If passed it will:

  • Prohibit U.S. ag land purchases by those associated with the Chinese Communist Party, Iran, North Korea and Russia.
  • Increase transparent and accurate reporting related to foreign land ownership.
  • Ban people associated with these governments from participating in certain USDA programs.

Rep. Dale Strong (R-AL), who helped introduce the legislation, said, “The United States can no longer turn a blind eye to the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party. As the CCP looks to exploit weaknesses in our free and open society, it is our responsibility to ensure that the American people are protected against those who seek to undermine our national interest. This legislation is crucial to ensure our adversaries do not interfere with our food and fiber market by owning agriculture land.”

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) also headed up the bill and said, “If buying up American farmland is a tool for eroding our nation’s food security, economic security, and national security, then we need to be prepared to take steps to push back against these efforts.”


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