Protecting the Pork: China still struggling, U.S. cracks down on DR following ASF

China is still struggling with African swine fever, but former U.S. Ambassador, Terry Branstad says that they are making progress in rebuilding their herd.

He says that the process has taught them a lot about food security, as they have turned to U.S. commodities to help recover.

Friday saw the first large sale of soybeans to China in a month and a half, and another sale announced this morning is suspected to be for them as well.

Branstad says that it is important to help them rebuild as they house half the world’s pork and it is their favorite protein source.

The United States has added more safety measures to prevent ASF from crossing our borders, following the recent discovery in the Dominican Republic.

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is cracking down on dog imports as their bedding, crates, and fur can carry disease. They do not want any dirt, hay, or straw in their crates and whatever bedding that is used must be disposed of.

The dogs must also be microchipped and bathed.


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