Protecting Your Flock: Biosecurity measures to take as HPAI continues to plague the U.S.

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza continues to plague a good portion of the country with recent cases being detected in Idaho.

The state veterinarian says the detection in two separate chicken flocks appears to be unrelated. Both owners will be able to get birds in the future, but for now, the facilities are empty.

He says this serves as a reminder of the importance of good biosecurity and keeping wild birds away from your domestic flocks.

“And that includes if you’re next to surface water, a pond or something and ducks and geese are taking off or coming in for a landing, they can drop fecal material in and around your property. And that can absolutely be a source of infection. So, consider containing your domestic birds so they don’t have free range access to your backyard or the surround area. Maybe get a cover over the top of your enclosure to do your best.”

The APHIS dashboard shows more than 31 million birds in the U.S. have now been culled due to the disease.


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