Push Back on Push Back: #5 pork producer pushes back on EATS Act

The majority of the pork industry has pushed back on Prop-12 since the beginning, but now a big processor is saying it does not support the legislation to overturn it.

The EATS Act is making its way through both the House and the Senate. It would limit state regulating ag products from outside their borders and it is strongly supported by the National Pork Producers Council, but number five pork processor Clemens Food Group tells Reuters they oppose it, saying that it does not align with progress in animal welfare.

Other reasons Reuters gives for pushback on the EATS Act include:

  • Large investments already made to become compliant with Prop-12
  • It could cause food companies to lose the ability to differentiate their products and court higher prices
  • It could void more than 1,000 state and local public health and safety regulations

Hormel, Smithfield, and Tyson have all said they intend to comply with California’s law when it takes effect next year.