Questions About Your Financial Legacy?

May 3, 2017

Earlier this week, RFD-TV’s RURAL AMERICAN LIVE featured American Century Investments - a leading asset management company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Jay Hummel, American Century Investment’s senior vice president of direct sales and service, was in the studio to answer questions from viewers -- including questions about passing wealth on to future generations.

“We’re certainly not estate planning attorneys, but understand the estate laws,” Hummel explained to a caller. “The biggest thing is to make sure you have beneficiaries set up. Make sure you have the titleing on the accounts the right way so that if any unfortunate incident happened in the future, it would transfer to your heirs or to charity or to the people that you want it transferred to in the easiest way possible.”

Watch more about American Century Investments in the clip above as Hummel discusses college savings and how to retire better. If you have specific questions about how American Century Investments could help you, check out their website or call toll-free 1-844-667-3388.