Raising quality hogs is a family affair for Master Blend Farms

The beauty of farming is watching something grow, and creating something everyone can enjoy and one North Carolina farmer, Ron Simmons, has farming in his blood.

Ron Simmons started out in 2012 with just 20 pigs. Now, Master Blend Farms is a 30 acre pasture-raised operation with 81 production sows and countless pigs.

Pig farming is maybe part of who he is, however many thought he would never truly pursue the farming lifestyle. He tried to learn from friends, but they did not take him seriously. Eventually, with some help from his dad, he was up and running with a lot of trial and error to guide him.

He raises his hogs with all natural feed and surrounds them with forest vegetation. He strides to take the best care of his animals, the land, and his community.

In 2018, North Carolina A&T State named Simmons “Small Farmer of the Year.”

His products are sold throughout parts of North Carolina.