Raquel Gottsch

Raquel Gottsch

Raquel Gottsch is Chief Executive Officer of The Cowboy Channel, and has served for well over a decade in a number of progressive media, communications and marketing roles for Rural Media Group, Inc.

Having been with RFD-TV since its inception, Raquel worked closely with the Nashville office for several years, overseeing corporate communications and increasing RFD-TV’s visibility within the circles of Music City. She then returned to her home-city of Omaha in order to help develop and implement the long-term strategy for Rural Media Group, Inc. and its subsequent properties. Currently, Raquel lives in Austin, Texas and is heavily involved in RFD-TV’s partnership with FarmHer, serving as executive producer of the television show focused around shining a light on women in agriculture.

With her vast experience within the company and related broadcast-industries, Raquel is the crucial go-to advisor within the company on marketing, public relations and most recently, new programming. She is instrumental in planning, developing and implementing major special events, marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. She lends her creative eye to the development and implementation of support materials and services regarding corporate communications, while also serving as editor of RFD-TV The Magazine. Raquel facilities the smooth interactions between the marketing, communications and public relations teams and is the tactical planner for many of the functions, which occur within all facets of Rural Media Group, Inc. This includes not only the networks (RFD-TV, FamilyNet and RURAL TV), but also RFD-TV The Magazine.

Raquel graduated in 2007, with high honors, from Omaha’s Creighton University with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in journalism & mass communications. Prior to joining her father’s (Patrick Gottsch) company, she worked at NRG Media in Omaha as Promotions Assistant to 8 radio stations while mentoring and supervising over 50 interns, among many other responsibilities.

Raquel spends most of her free time with her Maltipoo puppy (Maltese Poodle), befittingly named Apple.