Rare white grizzly bear spotted in Canada


A rare white grizzly bear has quickly become one of the most popular bears sighted in Banff, Alberta in this summer.

According to Bow Valley Network, which servers as a “social media hub” for the area, the bear has been named Nakoda, which was the name of the Native American tribe indigenous to the area. Nakoda became instantly as popular as Banff National Park’s other famous bears, Split Lip and The Boss.

According to the Guardian, Nakoda has actually been seen around the park since 2017 but has been spotted more and more often this spring.

“This is a very special bear and as always, if you see it in the wild, do not disturb it by getting too close. We all want Nakoda the White Grizzly to eventually become Nakoda the ‘Great’ White Grizzly of Banff National Park,” the Bow Valley Facebook page states.

Experts believe the white coat comes from a recessive gene.