Ray Stevens’ CMA Fest


June 13, 2016

Ray Stevens had a busy CMA Music Festival week and RFD-TV got to be a part of it!

Stevens took time out of his busy weekend to sign autographs for fans at the RFD-TV booth at Fan Fair X. When asked about some odd fan encounters he said, “I’ve been asked to sign unusual body parts -- but we won’t go into that.”

Over the course of his multi-decade career, the 77-year-old Stevens has witnessed the growth of both the festival and Nashville. “The people have chosen Nashville as Mother Church. I think it is wonderful that it has grown and that they chose Nashville.” He also says he’s seen an increase in younger fans visiting CMA Music Festival, compared to when he first started.

One thing that shocks Stevens every year at the festival are the elaborate costumes some fans create to honor their favorite country music stars. Which helps solidify his opinion that “CMA fans are the best.”

On the final night of CMA Fest, Stevens kicked off the evening with his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He said, “(I feel) very honored to be singing at CMA Fest, and especially the National Anthem.”

Stevens also shared he’s completed filming the second season of his show, Ray Stevens’ Nashville, and is opening a new music venue next year. CabaRay is set to open May 1, 2017 and is styled after the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, where Stevens played years ago. The 700 seat venue will include table seating and more than 200 theater seats in a balcony.

When asked if the upcoming election has given him any new ideas for material, he teased that he does have a few ready to go that he will be recording soon.

Check out photos of Ray Stevens at the RFD-TV booth below.