RealAg Radio’s Shaun Haney discusses processing plant closures

RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison speaks with RealAg Radio’s Shaun Haney on processing plant closures.

The Alberta, Canada based Cargill processing plant looks to restart production on Monday, after hindrances brought by COVID-19 cases at its facility.

Haney states that the unions have really been pushing for the plant’s closure. Haney also goes on to mention that a JBS plant is cutting back around 50 percent on its production.

Organizations are pushing hard for programs that would put cattle on maintenance rations and push kill dates back. This would allow plants to fix their issues, assure worker safety and help prevent the backlog of cattle waiting to be slaughtered. Haney ends by stating, “The [Canadian] government has not given a response yet if they will fund it...They better act fast because this problem is getting serious, very very quickly.”

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