Record number of COVID-19 cases reported in rural communities

Rural counties experienced a record breaking number of new COVID-19 cases last week, reporting more than 61,000 new infections. That is 6,000 higher than the week before.

Tim Marema, editor of The Daily Yonder, spoke with RFD-TV’s Tammi Arender on the current trends of rural COVID cases and the increase of “red zones.”

“For the second week in a row we saw an increase in the number of new cases,” he said. “We hit 61,000 that is the most we’ve seen to date, and the other indicator that there is general spread in rural areas is that we’ve hit a threshold where over half of the rural counties are on what the White House calls the “red zone list,” which is a measurement of areas that need to do more to control the spread of the virus according to the White House Coronavirus Task Force.”

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