Reminder: Drive Safe This Harvest Season

Harvest is underway for several commodities and that means more farm machinery is on the road. Here are some reminders as harvest rolls into high gear.

Drivers are being reminded to keep their eyes peeled when sharing roads with farm equipment.

Oregon Farm Bureau’s communication director says that motorists should proceed with caution, courtesy, and patience while driving behind large and slow moving equipment.

According to Anne Marie Moss, “People don’t realize when they are doing 55 miles per hour and they come up on a tractor that’s only driving about 20 miles per hour, it takes only eight seconds to close the gap the length of a football field between you and that tractor.”

She says that farmers have every legal right to use their farm equipment on the roadways, even if it cannot get up to 55 miles per hour.

Being extra cautious will keep farmers and other drivers safe, ensuring everyone makes it to their destination.

“It’s important to follow the road safety rules,” she states. “For example, not to pass on a blind corner, don’t pass a tractor when it’s not legal to pass, and wait for a passing lane.”

Moss also has a message to the farmers, to consider not moving large equipment during peak travel times.


Safety tips for when tractors hit the two-lane roadways