Renewable Fuels Association on the election’s impact on the biofuel sector

One of the biggest issues the ag sector has been focusing on amid the upcoming 2020 election is the regulation of U.S. biofuels.

Geoff Cooper, the president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, spoke with RFD-TV News on what he is focused on, what he would like to see from the next President, and what needs to happen in the next four years to provide certainty for biofuel producers.

“The good news for us is, in the ethanol industry, we’re excited to work with whoever the eventual winner is. We think that both President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden have expressed strong support for renewable fuels like ethanol, and it isn’t a partisan issue,” he states. “So, we’re looking forward to getting this election behind us and working with whoever the eventual winner is to continue to strengthen and fortify the Renewable Fuel Standard...”

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