Rep. Gonzales wants Biden administration to solve the crisis at the border

There is a picture stirring emotions across the country. Five little girls who were left to fend for themselves at the Texas border were found by a Texas rancher. He made that heart-breaking discovery on a day when temperatures reached into the triple digits.

Texas congressman Tony Gonzales was so moved by the photo he met with the farmer on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Also, he is calling on the Biden administration to solve the crisis at the border.

Representative Gonzales speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on the impact the border crisis is having on locals, the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act, and where we go from here.

“Mr farmers and ranchers are dealing with something they have never dealt with before. Their property is damaged, the amount of traffic that is coming through, the number of high-speed chases...,” according to the congressman. “Our farmers and ranchers are very frustrated, they feel as if nobody is listening to them.”


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