Rep. Johnson: Transparency in cattle market is needed

Congressman Dusty Johnson says that the cattle market remains a top priority. He says that there needs to be more transparency.

However, smaller, regional packers need a better opportunity to expand.

“I’m trying to help in two ways: number one we’re going to make it easier for them to ship across state lines, direct to consumers, and we’re also going to make it easier for them to access some of these existing federal dollars so they can make the kinds of expansions they want to make. These guys, during the pandemic, were killing it, every single day they were just bringing it, they were killing it on Saturdays, they were killing double shifts, they were really helping out this country. We need to make sure these guys have the opportunity to play an even bigger role in the future,” Johnson states.

He says that American producers have the opportunity to provide fuel, fiber, and food to the entire world.


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