Rep. Newhouse: vaccine mandate would be devastating to ag and the economy

President Biden’s vaccine mandate is currently held up in court, but the administration is still trying to push it through. However, one lawmaker says that it poses a real threat to agriculture.

Congressman Dan Newhouse of Washington state says that a mandate will only multiply challenges the industry is already facing, and, in turn, add to the current supply chain dilemma. He says that anything that reduces the number of employees available to get work done will have a devastating impact throughout the economy.

This goes for both producers trying to get their products to the market and getting that to consumers.

“I’m not an anti-vaccine type of person,” Newhouse states. “I’ve had the shot myself. I’ve had the booster. On top of that, I’ve had the virus, but I think we need to encourage Americans, if it’s right for them and if their doctors agree to get the vaccine. Having a federal mandate and then having the penalty for not getting it to have to be terminated from your position, I don’t agree with that.”

Biden’s mandate would apply to businesses with more than 100 employees. Before the court ruling, that mandate would have taken effect on January 4th.


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