#Replant21: Farmers head back to the field following Memorial Weekend freeze

Farmers in the northern Corn Belt are still assessing their crops following last weekend’s freeze.

Dan Allred in Wayne County, Iowa is back in the planter for #Replant21. He shared his photo on Twitter of his console display as he made his way back into the field.

Landon Brown is in the central part of the state. He says that now he will have to see how the inner seeker plants beans.

Robin Ferguson in Ontario, Canada tweeted that his plants had no chance in the brutal cold and have shriveled up. He says that it looks like they washed the planter too soon.

Hampton Iowa farmer, April Hemmes says that she has secured the seed to replant and crop insurance adjusters are walking the fields this week.

No-till planting tends to help soybeans through drought, but those acres were the worst hit on her farm.

This was the third latest freeze in history, according to the USDA. The extent of the damage would not be known until next week’s crop progress report.