Republican lawmakers demand EPA preserve access to dicamba and other pesticides

The EPA’s ban on chlorpyrifos is set to take effect today. Nearly two dozen ag groups have sued, in an effort to stop the ban.

Late Friday, the agency said that it would deny any objections to the rule saying that the industry had plenty of time to prepare. Republican lawmakers sent a letter to EPA’s administrator, expressing their concern over regulatory overreach when it comes to dicamba and chlorpyrifos.

Senator Chuck Grassley reiterated his fear that it will limit traditional farming tools and methods for the upcoming planting season: “If these producers lose the ability to use crop protection products. Farmers will be forced to forgo conservation practices to ensure that as weed control where the input prices for farmers already skyrocketing. The last thing that farmers need is for EPA to willy nilly pull the rug out on essential crop pesticides.”

A panel of judges on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals is weighing the lawsuit filed by the ag groups.


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