Resistol Hat’s One-of-a-Kind Design for The 2020 American Rodeo

Resistol has been the Official Hat of The American Rodeo since its inception in 2014.

“It’s a partnership we’re so proud of,” says Resistol Hat general manager Ricky Bolin, “just because we started in the beginning and we’ve gotten to be here and see The American grow... You don’t see a better rodeo than The American Rodeo. It’s who our customer is — the rodeo cowboy, the cowboy that ranches, just cowboys in general.”

Each year leading up to The American Finals at AT&T Stadium, Resistol presents a new hat to each and everyone of the rodeo contestants, and recently Western Sports Round-Up host Steve Kenyon visited with Bolin and Resistol Quality Control Manager Justin Thomason at Cavender’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards to get a sneak peek at this year’s limited-edition design.

The 2020 hat of RFD-TV’s The American Rodeo is a 100X felt in a rich navy blue with an interior red, white, and blue motif. The sweat band is inscribed with “contestant” and the exterior hat band features a silver buckle set with The American logo.

“We wanted to not only make a nice hat,” says Thomason, “but we also wanted to let everybody know, when someone is wearing The American hat, they can actually look at it and say, ‘That guy competed in The American Rodeo.’”

Resistol will make the one-of-a-kind design as a limited edition of 150 hats exclusively for the contestants, who will receive their new toppers and have them shaped to their liking during Friday night’s American Rodeo kick-off party at Cavender’s before the action begins at AT&T on March 7.