RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel Have Come to Canada In Partnership with Wild TV


Today marks the launch of RFD-TV Canada and The Cowboy Channel Canada, bringing Rural Media Group’s TV Programming to an all new audience in collaboration with Wild TV Network.

“The opportunity to launch new channels and grow our company with these great brands is instrumental for our growth,” says Ryan Kohler, Wild TV CEO.

And, Kohler explains, he is well-prepared to lead his team through that growth. “We have adopted a new culture, acquired a powerhouse sales team, and increased our staff to accommodate even more new channels in addition to RFD-TV Canada and The Cowboy Channel Canada,” he says.

“We believe the cable and satellite companies here in Canada are getting it right by offering more choices for subscribers,” Kohler continues. “We can bring the outdoorsmen and -women in the rural areas of Canada the best niche channels in the world. RFD-TV Canada focuses on agriculture, rural lifestyle, traditional music, and entertainment. Together with The Cowboy Channel Canada, featuring western sports and the most iconic PRCA rodeos in North America, we’ll offer Canadians two more outdoor and rural lifestyle-themed channels to choose from.”

Patrick Gottsch, Founder and President of Rural Media Group, shares Kohler’s excitement.

“For many years, Canadians have been requesting the rural-themed programming being offered by RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel, which has proven to be so popular in the United States,” Gottsch says. “The dedication to agriculture and to embrace the Western lifestyle knows no borders, and we are so pleased to be working with Ryan Kohler of Wild TV Inc. to finally bring these two cultures together to connect city with country throughout North America.”

The two networks launch Canada wide on Shaw Direct TODAY, with planned expansion to the rest of the cable and satellite companies across Canada later in 2020.