Rices Fire in CA threatens electricity and water for farmers and rural America

A wildfire in California is threatening electricity and water delivery for farmers and rural areas.

The Rices Fire erupted this week and has already burned more than 900 acres. There are more than 350 buildings and homes in the evacuation zone. Many farmers are working to evacuate their livestock as we speak. They are already facing tight water supplies from the drought.

Now, there are concerns about having the power to get things done. Currently, there are two large wildfires in California.

Researchers say that livestock could help reduce wildfires. The University of Nevada discovered an invasive annual grass called cheat grass that is responsible for a lot of western fires. Those fires can be reduced though by targeting cattle grazing in the dormant season through protein feed supplements.

The study showed it could reduce the fine fuel biomass by more than 50 percent while allowing more room for native grasses to grow.


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