Right now, Chinese tariffs and buying U.S. farmland are the focal points for lawmakers

The President Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods have totaled nearly a billion dollars.

The numbers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show over the last three years it has collected the fees on more than $350 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. The rate is slowing as companies reportedly switch to other foreign suppliers.

Business groups are asking Trade Rep Katherine Tai to allow them to request exclusions from tariffs on certain goods. One group of lawmakers is asking Tai when her top-to-bottom review of China trade will be complete.

In May, she told the Senate Finance Committee her review would allow companies to submit comments on the trade relationship. It has now been two months and that effort has not been initiated.

The chair of the New Democrat Coalition told Politico that the trade office asked them for more patience.

Lawmakers also want to make it more difficult for China to purchase U.S. farmland.

The House Appropriations Committee just marked up a spending bill for USDA and the FDA. They adopted an amendment to block new purchases by companies that have any percentage owned by the Chines government.

They also want to prevent them from accessing federal support programs. The amendment is expected to be part of the larger Appropriations Bill, which could hit the House floor later this month.


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