Ring fruit may help the citrus industry in Texas finish strong

Ring fruit is an important part of the agricultural community this time of year and might be something that helps an industry in south Texas.

Citrus growers know this is the time of year to start a holiday season tradition-- ring fruit.

There are different sized rings for different fruits. The fruit is used for gifts or for fundraisers by schools or FFA during the holiday season.

Dale Murden with Texas Citrus Mutual states, “You’re talking about the best of the best of the best fruit, because it’s obviously going to somebody that you care about. It’s gift fruit. So no blemishes, no scarring, perfect color, perfect size.”

It does have a premium price, though it is only about one percent of the fruit coming off of these groves. However, after a huge loss suffered as a result of Hurricane Hanna in July, this could make some money back that has been lost.

Murden says that the hurricane cost 10-15 percent of the profit: “It’ll help absolutely. It’ll bring the better prices, the premium prices earlier in the season if we can get the size.”

Now, we all know that 2020 has been a very difficult year for just about everybody in this country, So, we wanted to know whether or not picking gift fruit is something that will somehow, someway make people smile.

“Anytime, late September or early October, when we start up harvest, we’re smiling,” he adds. “You know, we can, we thank the good Lord we had a crop. Whatever crop it is we’re doing the best we can with it-- put smiles on people’s faces.”

Murden says that people react well to his social media posts about citrus this time of year.


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