Rodale Institute is offering online classes on organic farming

If you are thinking of transitioning to organic production you can now attend some classes online.

The Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania is offering a virtual campus. They will answer all your questions about the costs associated with organic farming and how to transition.

You will hear from farmers who have made the switch, and Rodale says that the opportunity to expand into online education has led to some surprising results.

“I’m watching the registrations coming in, and we have people from South America, we have people from Europe, we have people from Asia registering. We have some people from India who registered for this course,” Rodale’s Maria Pop states. “To tell the truth, initially, we thought we couldn’t have farmers at our farm in July for our Field Day, but this turned out to be the best opportunity for us to reach all these people that we couldn’t reach before.”

For more information on the classes, as well as the registration, click HERE.