Romaine lettuce recalled over E. coli concerns, again

Romaine lettuce has once again been recalled by the FDA over E. coli concerns. This notice comes almost exactly a year after a pre-Thanksgiving outbreak was tied to lettuce from California.

In an interview with RFDTV News, Dave Dinesen, the CEO of Cubic Farms, shares his response to the FDA’s recall, why this keeps happening to romaine lettuce, and the benefits of growing greens in a controlled environment.

According to Dinesen, “There are several things that will lead to this kind of contamination. It could be the water that is used for irrigation, or challenges around how things are composted, it can happen during harvesting, during shipping, and various handling points along the way. When you consider how fragile these sort of leafy green-type crops are, how much water is used to grow them, and then how far they have to be shipped... these are the kind of crops that really should be grown where they are eaten, and the good news is the technology exist today to enable that to happen on a commercial scale.”

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