Rory Feek Flog No. 29 - I CRIED ALL THE WAY to school today...


In his 29th flog (Farm+Vlog), Indy steps out to go to school all by her self for the first time.

Rory was moved by this big milestone in her life, saying,

“It’s not a long walk from our door to the door of the schoolhouse where the teacher was waiting... only a couple hundred yards. But it’s a big walk. A clear sign that our little girl is growing up and becoming more independent. The beginning of a thousands steps that she will take to become the girl and woman that God has made her to be.”

Since April 25, Rory has been sharing a new video giving viewers new insight on his life almost daily. Past episodes have highlighted Rory’s birthday, his dog, his children’s book and what a Saturday on his farm looks like.

You can watch the most recent episode below and previous episodes here.