Rory Feek launches daily farm vlog series


Our Chief Creative Officer Rory Feek has launched a new daily video series from his farm in Tennessee.

He is calling them “flogs,” a combination of the words farm and vlog and they will be available on his Youtube channel as well as right here on

The series debuted on April 26, 2020, and it takes viewers through Rory’s day on April 25, which happened to be his 55th birthday. In addition to giving us a look at his birthday celebration, Rory also described what we can expect out of his flogs in the future.

“Sometimes I’ll be out on the farm somewhere, in a barn with the horses, on the gator, in my truck or at home in the farmhouse,” he said. “It might be early in the morning, the middle of the day, time for bed or later, when I can’t sleep.”

It will not just be Rory featured but also his friends, family and “little shadow,” his 6-year-old daughter Indiana.

The videos will also featured old footage from years ago mixed with video shot from Rory’s iPhone and computer.

You can see the introduction below and watch the first five installments here.