Rory Feek’s Flog No. 10 - What’s UNDER the OVERALLS (home-video rewind)


In the tenth episode of Rory Feek’s flog (farm + vlog) series, he takes us back down memory lane to 2009 and some of his and Joey’s homemade promos for “Can You Duet?” where they got a little “up close and personal”.

In the video description, Rory says, “In January 2009 here on the farm, Joey and I made a couple of homemade promotion videos for the upcoming season of “Can You Duet,”... the tv show that launched our music career the year before. They were funny and sweet moments in the barn, the yard, and the house... where Joey and I were clearly having fun with our new-found “fame.” PS: my sweet wife Joey was holding the camera, filming me..(snorting and laughing)”

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