Rural Communities Face More Cases of COVID and Decrease in Cash

RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison interviews CEO of the National Rural Healthcare Association Alan Morgan on how rural hospitals are dealing with the increase of COVID-19 cases in their communities, while also dealing will decreasing funds.

In rural communities across the nation, it is reported that there are around 36 thousand cases of the coronavirus. Most communities are only seeing a handful of COVID-19 cases; however, there is an increase of these cases across these communities.

Across the U.S. more than 600 rural hospitals are potentially faced with shutting down. According to Morgan, “It’s amazing to think about, the fact that a lot of these hospitals are forced to furlough or lay off staff as they prepare for a dramatic increase in patients, potentially through COVID-19... but we got to figure out something long-term to keep the doors open on our rural hospitals.”

Morgan goes on to state that the recent legislation passed by the Senate will be beneficial in helping these hospitals deal with funding issues. He also states that communities can help by practicing more social distancing, if possible, and even making masks for local healthcare workers would be extremely beneficial.

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