Sackett vs. EPA: SCOTUS hears arguments; NCBA wants pause on rulemaking

The new session of the Supreme Court began with arguments in the Sackett vs. EPA, in which the reach of the federal Waters of the U.S. rule will be considered again.

The Supreme Court has now heard arguments in the case of Sackett vs. EPA.

Justices will decide how far from the water’s edge the Clean Water Act applies. Some conservative justices expressed concern over the Act’s broad reach, and seemed to favor keeping “navigable” in the Waters of the U.S. rule.

Several liberal justices focused on finding common ground that would still allow the EPA to regulate what they define as a wetland. During the two-hour argument, Justice Kavanaugh noted the importance of their work for wetlands throughout the country, saying, “we have to get it right.”

After the arguments, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association called on the EPA to pause all rule-making in regard to WOTUS.

“NCBA is hopeful that the court will support NCBA’s argument for clear and limited WOTUS definition, but in the meantime, we call on the EPA to suspend their rulemaking until the outcome of the case is clear.”

PLC and NCBA Natural Resources Executive Director, Kaitlynn Glover spoke with RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison about the argument’s highlights, what they are calling from EPA, and the importance of the case for the entire ag sector.