Scottish children raise awareness for farm safety with poster competition

We now want to turn our attention to some Scottish kids who are raising awareness in the ag industry.

First, two kids have won a poster competition about the importance of farm safety. Six-year-old Stuart Ward and eleven-year-old Gemma Forgie are the artists.

Stuart’s poster had six images with messages including “Don’t Touch Chemicals” and “Sheep Can Head Butt You.” Gemma’s poster showed a ranch of images with captions like, “Children Should be Supervised to Stop Them From Getting Anywhere They Shouldn’t” and “High Vis for Extra Visibility if Big Machinery is Around.”

The competition was organized by Scotland’s Rural College for the Farm Advisory Service. Stuart and Gemma will each revise an art stationery box.

Also in Scotland, the sheep industry is launching a children’s competition to raise awareness to dog walkers on the serious issue of sheep worrying.

Children will design a sign to be displayed on farmland fence posts. They will remind dog walkers to keep their pets on a leash while walking in areas where sheep are present.

The competition will show, through the eyes of children, the devastation that happens when dog walks do not keep their dogs under control.


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