Season 2, Ep 13 Bonus Scene: Hanging Out On Larry’s Farm - The Outhouse Chronicles

You don’t think about a flood high in the mountains. But farmers do. They often grow in rich bottomland, flat fields between peaks. When heavy rains threaten, things have to be moved. All kinds of things -- equipment, supplies, even, um, outhouses and port-a-potties or they’ll all literally float away.

As Hurricane Ian was approaching the U.S. bringing heavy rains, we were filming high in the North Carolina mountains with our friend Christmas tree and pumpkin farmer Larry Smith. Where The Food Comes From host Chip Carter decided to pitch in.

This particular project involved moving a historic -- and functioning -- outhouse from a low-lying field to a higher place. But Chip had no idea what kind of ride he was actually about to take...

Don’t miss the Season 2 finale of Where The Food Comes From this Friday at 9:30 p.m. on RFD-TV. You won’t see this particular piece of the story, but you’ll meet Larry and some other remarkable farmers -- including former NC State, Olympic and NBA basketball great Tommy Burleson -- in Avery County, NC and find out how they’ll very likely be part of your family Christmas this year.

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