Sec. Vilsack assures the EPA is listening to farmers

While speaking to a group at the Farm Progress show, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack discussed his Agency’s role alongside the EPA.

The two departments often find each other in the cross-hairs over a number of issues, but Vilsack assured the crowd that the EPA and its Administrator are listening to what ag producers have to say.

“That it’s not just listening to us about what ag is saying, what farmers are saying, but they actually go out and visit with farmers themselves, the Administrator, and they’re doing that on a variety of issues and giving farmers the ability to weigh in on whatever it is that they’re proposing that might have an impact. Then it’s my job at USDA to figure out, are there ways in which we can use our tools to mitigate any consequence that may be adverse to farmers,” said Vilsack.

He adds that communication with the people you serve is key, noting he is committed to working alongside the EPA to further serve the ag community.


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