Sec. Vilsack touts infrastructure bill and how it will benefit rural economies

As lawmakers continue working on an infrastructure package, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack is talking about its importance to rural America.

He says that the broad improvements are crucial to rural economies. He recently visited a wastewater treatment facility in New Mexico. He says that when communities cannot afford necessary upgrades, they miss out on opportunities.

“In a facility that was 23 years old, operating on a hope and a prayer every single day. And, if that community was interested in trying to attract small industry, one of the things the folks would ask is ‘what is the state of infrastructure, can we have water, do we have wastewater treatment, do we have access to affordable power?’ and if communities can’t answer that question, those businesses will look elsewhere,” the Ag Secretary explains.

He adds that rural broadband will open up tele-medicine and education opportunities, and improve quality of life.

Right now, the infrastructure bill is in jeopardy, as Senate negotiators fail to reach key agreements. They will likely work through the weekend to try and get a bill passed before the August recess.


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