Secretary Perdue on Finding Solutions to Farming’s Biggest Issues

The world’s population is growing, farmers are aging and the labor shortages continue. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue says that these problems may share a solution.

When it comes to the future of sustainable agriculture, the USDA leader says that technology is where the solution lies, but getting traditional farmers to adapt to new practices will be tricky.

Sec. Perdue states, “Farmers can quickly identify and assess if something will make their operation more productive, more efficient, more profitable, and I think if entrepreneurs have that...then you’re going to see the early adopters adopt that quickly, then the herd will follow.”

Solutions to problems like farm labor shortages, aging farmers, and the need for more food using less land may be just around the corner. However, Sec. Perdue says that the industry must unite first. He adds, “We have a responsibility to bring together a set of early adopters who are willing and courageous enough to try new ideas.”

According to Sec. Perdue, real solutions will come once the technology industry and the agriculture industry get to talking.