Sen. Amy Klobuchar hopes the Ocean Shipping Reform Act will get goods moving again

The logjams at U.S. ports started during the pandemic and have only improved slightly, and it is one of the reasons why Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota brought forth the Ocean Shipping Reform Act.

RFD-TV’s Tammi Arender sat down with Senator Klobuchar about why she believes this should help level the playing field for those needing to ship agricultural goods and other exports.

“The plan here is that we have put in place some stricter requirements on the Maritime Commission and given them some leverage to demand better rates. They’re doing that right now, but the good news, that it went through unanimously against the wishes of the shipping industry, we’re very happy about this because we had all the farm groups on our side, we had all the business groups on our side,” said Senator Klobuchar.

She adds they hold the power in their hands.

“What the shippers know is that if they keep charging these high rates, we could even do more, and so we’re in a position of power right now and it’s really good for rural America because they were just ripping people off,” Senator Klobuchar said.

She adds the higher rates were transferred down to the consumer and explains why we saw cost increases and supply chain problems.


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